Prices start at $440 per each 8 milliliter of fluid used to service you.

So if 16 ml of FDI is required you will (*) by 2, for 32 ml you will (*) by 4, etc.


Fat dissolving injections, sometimes known as injection lipolysis,

is a treatment that breaks down adipocytes (fat cells) through the use of an injectable and is a non-surgical alternative to fat reduction.


The main ingredient of these injections is a substance called deoxycholic acid,

which is a natural substance found in the body that helps digest fats.

What we use is currently the only form of fat dissolving injection that is approved by the FDA.


It was originally meant for the reduction of submental fats or fats under the chin, also known as a double chin, but is now also used for other body parts.


Consultation required for this service to determine the exact price (still subject to change after service is completed).


[a portion of the consultation funds go directly to the service when booked within 14 days]