Maderoterapia (wood therapy)

Prices start at $50 per 20 minute session.

So if 40 mins. of session time is desired is required you will (*) by 2, for 1 hr. you will (*) by 3, etc.

Colombian Wood Therapy is a non-surgical alternative to fat reduction, skin tightening, blood circulation, and cellulite reduction.

 The instruments used are made to intensify the breakdown of fat and fibrous cellulite, so that it can be eliminated naturally with other toxins through the lymphatic system. There is no invasive procedure involved in maderotherapia and is considered one of the safest, but it is alwasy recommended to consult with your primary physician before booking. Treatments are available for the face and body.


Many clients love to combine this simply with their own workout regimine for tightening results, or alone as a easier resolution to celulite reduction.

Positive results will be show after the first one-hour treatment. For more dramatic results, it is suggested to combine this service with our fat dissolving injections, followed by three treatments weekly for a month.


Consultation is required for this service to determine the exact price (still subject to change after service is completed).


[a portion of the consultation funds go directly to the service when booked the same day during promotional periods]