Artistry Services



Drawings, Sketches, Paintings, Business Logos, PDF Files, Hard Copies, Photoshop, Body Art, etc.

Prices vary per commission piece.

Photoshop: Price depends on complexity of the task, generally can start as low as $5 for simple edits, or removal of objects, etc.


Portait drawings:

 Face only starts at $30, Full body starts at $50.

Everything you add on that’s not in the original photo is $5, if it’s super complex, $10-30.

Color starts as an additional $20, layers are $5-10 each.


For Hard Copies: Size increase = Increase in price.

SAMPLE PRICING (First Image Below; PDF file): 

$50 base price

$25 boondocks style

$20 color
$5 shadow layer

$5 for the hat

$5 the phone

$5 the money

$5 the necklace

$5 the specific shoe colors and style

$5 the ring & earring

$20 tattoos

$5 the watch

$5 the belt


If complexity exceeds $250 total, charge structure changes to start at $65 per hour of comission time.


Business Cards available:

100 cards starting at $30
250 cards starting at $40




Special Memoir Pricing Coming Soon!



Customized Bundles Available Per Request


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